Saturday, May 18, 2013

On The Rocks at French Creek 2013

On a whim, I decided to "race" French Creek today.
The bug bit mid-week when my brother confirmed his band would be playing at the race...
if my brother gets to play there, I want to play, too...

I'm destroyed (7th out of 9 women in Cat 2...yeah, yeah Cat 2...)

In fact, I'm so destroyed that I am relying on a list to illustrate my feeble reflections on today's experience:
  • Racing is a lot more fun for me when it's not the most important thing in my life.
  • The jitters & nerves will show up in force no matter how cavalier I seem to feel about the shape I'm in (or not in, as it were).
  • Mixing it up in Cat 2(Sport) again is humbling after years of working my way up through the ranks...I didn't expect to be in any kind of contention and honestly would have raced up had I anticipated any other outcome. I belong there. 
  • This race was about me pushing myself harder than I have in a long time and having nothing to prove to anyone...and, wow, that is extremely liberating.
  • My legs are, so effing sore. Already?! Really??
  • Ron Harding's course layout is fun...he knew what he was doing when he put that loop together (and I'm sure if you raced Endurance, you'd concur).
  • Riding a few times a week at best for ninety minutes at a pop doesn't make for feeling like a Rockstar out on the trails, but counts for something...I felt surprisingly good.
  • Descents are still my weakness...rrrrrrrrrrr! 
  • Phantom tire leaks really bug me out. Is it flat? Is it flat? How bout now?
  • My tailbone doesn't appreciate the fact that I spent a few hours on a mountain bike.
  • BillShowers*  is such a supportive and encouraging partner...he makes me feel a tiny bit more calm when I am waiting at the line. (that tiny bit of calm is a big deal)
  • Live music at a bike race is awesome.
  • Our baby is such a pleasant little sidekick...all smiles, happy to see some familiar faces.
  • Riding my bike puts me in a great mood...the buzz lasted all day long following the race.
  • When that buzz faded, I hit a wall and it wasn't pretty (picture a hungry, cranky, overcooked toddler who skipped their nap...that was me in grownup form).
  • I could not be happier with how today played out, yet I'm in no rush to race again any time soon. 

(maybe the Fair Hill Classic in August...maybe)

Baby's first race

My brother keeping the woods funky

* Yes, I really call him that sometimes.

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