Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wednesday night jam

My brother, a pretty extraordinary guitarist, hosts an open jam every Wednesday night at a local bar.
The first incarnation of this jam started a few years ago and served as the perfect respite from my woes at home.
Woes at home? 
Remember when my (ex)husband and I had already decided we were splitting up, but still lived under the same roof for nearly nine months? Yeah. Many nights I would leave after my son and his dad had gone to bed.   
Oh...and if "respite" sounds like hanging out at a bar and getting hammered, that couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, I was Rob's dorky older sister...a fixture at the corner table, nursing one beer, and taking my task of writing the Jam List maybe just a little too seriously.
I look back on those times and can hardly believe that was me or my reality.

Last night, my dad mentioned heading over to the jam and I decided to join him (and I wasn't escaping any woes at home).
Although we only stayed for one brief set, I felt inspired.
Not inspired to pick up a guitar (please), but inspired to at least breathe a little bit of new life into my thing.

what's my thing? sometimes it's riding...sometimes it's writing...sometimes it's picking up a box of pencils and a blank piece of paper...sometimes it's making cookies shaped like robots with my son...sometimes it's writing on this blog...  

He sounded that good.
(or I just don't get out enough anymore)
(photo taken from the Rob Perna Band's FB page)

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