Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Night

Max is next to me on the sofa, sketching Ninjas and watching "Dragon Riders of Berk."

His pajamas are getting too small and his hair is growing too fast ("But, mom, I like wolfin' out!"...huh??)

He smells clean and looks worn out.
Second Grade is winding down and we are both ready for a break from packed lunches and homework.
We're sharing a bowl of Cheerios (dry, no you think that's gross? I think cereal with milk is gross).
I just vacuumed, so obviously Max is dropping Cheerios everywhere.
"Let's keep it under control, Max."
After several rounds of binky-replacing and mobile-winding, Maeve is sound asleep.
In a few minutes, I'll read with Max.
We have two chapters left of "Superfudge"...Max has been drawing quite a few parallels between himself and Peter. 
"Please go brush your teeth."

Right about now, Bill is probably enjoying a well-deserved brew following his Wednesday Night Ride.
Good for him...
and I hope he has one for me.


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