Friday, June 14, 2013

"are you running or what??"

2nd Annual Trailblazer 5k at Paradise Farms Camp (trail run)

There was a heartfelt post about this particular run somewhere inside me, but it got lost in the hours following the race when fatigue and real life got in the way (not to mention the complimentary pint of Summer Love at the finish).
I showed up, I ran hard, I didn't stop running when I wanted to walk, and I finished in 35 minutes.

My dad, who has logged countless hours doing trail work at Paradise, was stationed as a marshal at the exact spot I started to feel like my stomach was eating itself...the exact spot I thought, "Wow...we are going to keep going up."
"Are you running or what??" he heckled, cowbell in hand, as I labored past him through a seemingly endless grassy field.
As we looped back around, he told me I was almost done and it was mercifully all downhill from there.
(except for the uphill paved finish, but whatever...)
I managed to stay ahead of the small handful of people I passed and even passed one more runner on the finishing stretch. 
Never mind that I averaged an eleven minute mile or finished in the back of the back...I felt amazing for conquering this tiny little challenge, for seeing it through.
The course was brutally hilly and exactly what I needed to stay interested and engaged.
I can't wait to do another one.

I didn't want to get my new shoes muddy so I wore my old sneaks...who am I??


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Jill said...

Heehee! So awesome. So excited for the running! Keep it up!!!