Thursday, June 20, 2013

back to school? (part one)

Tomorrow my baby is six months.
She takes long, predictable naps now...
This means I need to find something creative/productive/meaningful to do within those (admittedly, luxurious) chunks of time.
Something other than swapping out yet another load of laundry, cleaning up the breakfast dishes, or creeping on FB and blogs.
I am starting to think about what the next few years will bring.
Six months with Maeve feels like the blink of an eye sometimes.
When it's time for her to start school (nursery school? preschool?), I don't want to find myself dazed and scrambling for work...settling for something, getting in a rut.
The longer I am away from putting braces on teeth/bending wires/making conversation with teenagers who want to be anywhere but the orthodontist, the more I realize I don't want to do that ever again.
Although I don't need to construct an immediate "plan", I do need to start fleshing out a loose idea, a rough draft...
What do I want to be when I grow up? (again? this time?) 


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