Tuesday, June 18, 2013

let me just show you...

My baby and my mom...
Max burned his hand badly with a molten pop tart

Looks delightful, right? Truthfully, dinner sucked...but, the company was great.

...and there were swings (this little lady loves swings).

Sadly, I have a strong aversion to my standby fragrance ever since this last pregnancy...new perfume for summer.

Cherries...fourteen dollars worth (oops)
My dad built this dollhouse/bookcase and I finally finished painting it this week. Maeve's room is coming together.
This little guys was staggering across Sunset Hollow Road the morning after a bad storm. Maybe rabid, maybe lost?

This one never sits still anymore...summer vacation has begun and he couldn't be happier.
and that is what the past few weeks look like in Instagrams...

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