Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer 2013 wish list (as compiled by me & Max over breakfast)

  • Poconos with the whole family (we haven't had a family vacation in three years and we are so overdue)
  • Elmwood Park Zoo to visit the new giraffe habitat
  • Overnight in DC with the kids (museums, National Zoo if it's not ridiculously hot, Pitango gelato, tapas in Georgetown)
  • Camden Adventure Aquarium (need our shark fix)
  • beach day OCNJ (we have not been to the beach since 2010 and that's not okay)...hopefully we can hook up with our cousins while they are down there, too (jumping the waves! boardwalk! funnel cake! sunburn!)
  • camping (probably not until the tail end of the summer unless we can snag a last-minute getaway soon when the weather is perfect) parents have yet to camp with our family and it would be awesome if they could join us
What are your plans this summer?

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Jen Morrell said...

We're doing Niagara Falls and stuff up that way in August, but I've got the hiking itch like crazy, so I'm hoping Doug and I can get away some weekend Jess is with her dad and camp and hike. Have to find trails/routes that are challenging/beautiful enough but also safe to do with Ross in the backpack carrier. Holler if you have any recommendations! :)