Sunday, July 21, 2013

eight (and a half)

I know it's not suddenly, in the blink of an eye I have a big kid...
I've had eight years to take this in and watch him grow, but lately it feels like he keeps making these big jumps.
When he came home this evening from a weekend with his dad, I swear he got taller and he looks older.
Put him next to his sister and forget it.
Eight is a pretty great age.
Eight means he wants to run wild on his own in the neighborhood.
"Can I go in the woods?"
"Not by yourself, not without an adult."
"Danny's kind of an adult."
"Danny is a fourth grader. Nice try."

Eight means playing for what sometimes seems like hours independently, yet I can still hear the bold and colorful conversations between his GI Joes or Star Wars action figures. He gets so wrapped up in playing and is not yet aware that we can hear it all (or he doesn't care, even better).
Eight means elaborate set ups and carefully constructed freestyle Lego cities.
Eight means "Aww mom, do I have to clean it up??"
Eight means decent manners most of the time.
Eight means a glimpse of attitude and what he may be like as a teenager, yet he'll still grab for my hand in a crowd.

At the beach this week, we were lucky to meet up with our cousins at the amusement park on the boardwalk. Max doesn't do rides (he pukes at the movie theater, so...) and I figured we'd blow some cash on the old school shooting gallery, maybe the giant slide.
As his cousins, Zachary and Joe, made their way toward the line for the log flume, Max said, "I'll go!"
But, he doesn't do rides...
I watched him bound up the steps without any hesitation, fully expecting him to bail before they got to the front of the line.
To my surprise, he didn't bail and he survived the flume with a huge grin.

Max is a worrier (hmmm...who does he get that from?), typically reluctant to break from routine or try something new.
He's getting braver, though, and it's awesome to watch. 

This post is my random, poorly executed attempt to marvel at how quickly kids grow...
I'm probably just overtired and worn out from being up all night with an awful stomach bug, but it freaks me out sometimes when I can't remember exactly what Max's voice sounded like when he babbled like Maeve does now.
See? Blink of an eye...big kid.

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