Thursday, July 25, 2013


Tonight's ride was pretty much the opposite of how I felt on my bike yesterday.
For an hour, I made it my job to stick myself to BP's wheel and succeeded pretty much everywhere but the power line climb (which is nastily washed out these days and I clumsily put my foot down at the steep pitch up top).
I know he had a rough night last night and probably wasn't pushing his hardest pace, but I was working to keep up and that felt good.
It's taken a while (post-baby), but I finally feel like my legs are starting to come around...little by little, I am getting comfortable going fast(er) again.

At breakfast earlier this week, I told Kathleen that I have no interest in racing cross this year (even though that's the one discipline that I probably do have the time to train for at this point in my life)...
I may have changed my mind and I may want to dabble in cross a little bit in the fall.
We'll see...    

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Kathleen said...

I may just dabble with you. ;)