Saturday, July 20, 2013

must be doing something right...

Not so sure about the ocean, initially...

This one just completely goes with the flow...

This one could not get enough of the sand/sun/ocean/boardwalk...had a hard time keeping up with him!

Feeling more confident in her daddy's arms...

Thrilled to watch him let go of some of his trepidation...

Soaking it up

Look at her legs...just, wow~

buried by his cousins...twice

waiting on that wave (the water was actually very calm)

happy baby 
After an accidental three year hiatus, we finally made it to the beach.
I didn't expect to relax a whole lot at all with a (nearly) seven month-old in tow, but this little getaway far exceeded all my expectations.
My takeaway from our three day excursion to OCNJ (my childhood beach) is that there is nothing better than watching our kids have fun.

(and now I've got those post-vacation blues!)

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