Tuesday, July 30, 2013

no tears (Marsh Creek)

what up, BP
I've had a love/hate thing going on with Marsh Creek for a while and the past few years have weighed more heavily on the hate side.
I've had my fair share of  trail side meltdowns at Marsh Creek.
Some meltdowns have even escalated into tears.
I'm not big on crying while riding (and maybe pregnancy hormones were to blame for my most recent hysterics on two wheels), but it's happened more than once there...just sayin.
The second time I DNF'd in a mountain bike race was at Marsh Creek (2011, I believe) and it wasn't due to some gnarly mechanical, but an impending migraine.
I shouldn't have ignored the warning signs (as I am wont to do, especially when faced with something fun and important, like a mountain bike race in the dark), but I did and sorely paid the price after one lap that night.
Fact: my first DNF was at Sewell 2008 when I broke my hand and I have yet to race there again, in spite of many thwarted attempts (due to crap weather and conflicting postponed dates).
Inexplicably, I asked my dad to ride March Creek with me today and we had a great time...
No killer bees or poison ivy or raging hormones or nasty crashes or sneaky migraines or jackasses running me off the trail.
No issues.
Just a truly pleasant ride that covered all the good stuff and then some.
I always forget that it's really quite a beautiful place, especially late in the day when the sun is lazily hanging out over the lake.
And, hey, the trails are fun.
I'm not in love with Marsh Creek, but I could stand to give it another try sometime soon...


Jill said...

Awesome! Way to go!!! :)

Jen M said...

Count me in for a ride there sometime! Glad you had a good ride. We're on vac. soon but back in town and around at the end of the month. Bought Jessica's school supplies the other day... wasn't it just Memorial Day?

Kim said...

Yes, Jen...any time.
I know, Max just told me he needs to get to Target to get his school supplies, too.