Tuesday, July 2, 2013

six months

Maeve at six months:
  • weighs 18 lbs (my back pays dearly when I use the Baby Bjorn and I've been leaving the infant seat in the car, rather than toting her in it)
  • loves her brother, bath time, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, Cheerios, grabbing/grasping her toys, "singing", standing up (with support), swinging, sitting on the front porch, riding in the car (especially when her brother is there to keep her company), fountains
  • dislikes most things any baby dislikes (a dirty diaper, a soggy shirt from drooling, those first few moments when we put her down for a nap, fireworks)
  • eats very well...now that she is able to sit up more confidently in the high chair, I've started introducing little chunks/bites along with the purees I've been making. 
  • clearly scans the room for me and/or Bill if someone else is holding her and has also shown a little bit of stranger anxiety in just the last few days
  • lights up when my mom or dad stop by, especially in the morning when her mood is super-cheerful
  • chats (okay, babbles) the most in the morning and then a little bit throughout the day...babbling sounds sing-song-y when we are in the car or when she starts to get tired
  • wears mostly 6-9mos clothing and I am already guilty of forcing my shoe habit on her...the (needless) collection is growing and she doesn't mind shoes or sandals one bit (and, yes, she gets plenty of barefoot time)
  • not into rolling over, but I'm not concerned because we've seen her flip both ways (prefers back to front). She can sit well on her own for a few seconds right now, doesn't mind being on her belly, and loves to squirm/scoot around on her blanket.
  • no teeth yet...gums appear white/puffy, but no signs otherwise and I definitely can't feel anything (Max had several teeth by now)...still, she loves cold teething toys!
  • sleeps well (thank god thank god thank god thank god)     
Maeve brings so much happiness and light to our family and it's hard to believe she's only been with us for six months. Although her true belly-laughs are hard earned, she is such a happy and pleasant baby...all sparkly eyes and easy smile.      
As for me?
Although I have some notable moments of extreme extreme anxiety about how harmful/dangerous/scary this world is with horrible scenarios lurking around every corner, I am trying my best to stay calm and enjoy these fleeting days with my baby girl.

I mean, six months...zoooooom...right??

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