Friday, July 12, 2013

too excited to sleep

The past few days have found the little one teeming with new developments, leaving her way too amped up to sleep through the night.
What's new?
  • sitting up very well with little support...stronger every day and she knows it!
  • teething like a teeth yet, but she's doing this weird thing with her tongue to keep feeling her gums and soaking through shirts/dresses/bibs with non-stop drool
  • rolling over (at last!) with ease...until now, I don't think it's been completely intentional. Now she's good to go!
  • new sounds...growling like a little dinosaur, screeching, "shouting"...she loves to make her presence known
  • feeding herself...purees are so last week! She loves to pick up chunks of food and feed herself...the more varied the textures, the better.
  • sitting up in the cart at the super market...I don't know who was more excited about this "milestone", her or me. Clearly, she is delighted to have a new perspective while being wheeled around the grocery store....
This baby is so ridiculously happy and has such unabashed enthusiasm for the most ordinary things (well, duh...because she's a baby after all and everything is new and quite exciting).
Still, I'm hoping a little will rub off on me.
Yay! Bath time!
Yay! Oatmeal!
Yay! Daylight!
Yay! Raindrops!


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Jill said...

Unabashed enthusiasm rocks. What a happy baby! What a great summer! :)