Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tracy Anderson is kicking my ass...

So, this is it.
I started writing here to share my experiences on the and riding.
Adventuring, winning, losing, suffering, growing, crumbling, overcoming, going hard, trying, failing, nailing it ...all on two wheels.
It wasn't long before I started sneaking in posts about the other corners of my life because blogging came easy for me and I was never averse to getting personal.
Times have changed and mountain bike racing is on the back burner (like, way back back burner).
But, I'm still not averse to getting personal and sharing those other corners of my life.
Now I'm lamenting the fact that Tracy Anderson is kicking my ass.
Tracy Anderson workout DVDs.
I bought workout DVDs.
I bought workout DVDs.
Tracy promised that she will help me transform my body in 90 days if I follow her program exactly as prescribed.
I'm not trying to transform my body, by any means.
I'm trying to get my fitness back and not feel awful every time I peruse my closet or try on a bathing suit.
I'm trying to do something productive with the chunks of time I'm lucky to have to myself while my baby sleeps.
I'm trying to make this kind of thing a that in three/five/ten/fifteen years from now, I'm not left wondering, "Wow...what happened? Where do I start?" 

And I am definitely not following her program exactly as prescribed...her eating plan is ridiculously restrictive and doesn't account for needing energy to chase young children around/conquer mountains of laundry/ride/run/keep a household and family afloat.
(In fairness, I'm sure most of her celebrity clients employ staff to nanny their kids/juggle chores/prepare their food/handle sh*t in general, thus leaving them free to use all their energy on Tracy's body transformation, or "Metamorphosis by Tracy")
I'm not making this up...I really bought these DVDs and I've been dutifully "performing" my workouts for two solid weeks now ("Don't just do the workout, perform it," Tracy implores me).
All kidding aside, I needed something that I could do on a regular basis without having to rely on childcare or fair weather.
The premise is pretty simple and realistic and makes sense for me:
Thirty minutes a day of conditioning/strength training/mat work followed by thirty minutes of cardio...the strength/conditioning component changes every ten days to avoid boredom and to continually challenge different muscle groups. As for cardio, I've been running or riding every chance I get. There were a few days when I had to resort to the cardio DVD, but I am avoiding that as much as I possibly can.
Why am I avoiding it?
Two words: dance cardio.
If you know me (and my propensity to be clumsy and uncoordinated, not to mention my disdain for any kind of choreography), I need not elaborate any further.
Anyway...I've drawn a few conclusions upon purchasing and actually using these DVDs (and I could not have happened upon them in a more cliched manner if I tried...I got sucked into an INFOMERCIAL at 3am thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow's testimony and half a dozen "ordinary people" before & after photos...all while sitting there in my tired Old Navy yoga capris from 2003 during a particularly bloat-y bout of exaggerated PMS, no less).
I digress. Those conclusions I've drawn:
  • Waking up early or "performing" {snicker}my workout during Maeve's morning nap makes me feel energized for the day...even if I don't get to the cardio right away or have to skip it altogether, at least I got in a challenging effort and it's thirty minutes I didn't waste on FB or some other time suck.
  • Thirty minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of an ordinary day, yet if I keep this up, I will get stronger and glean some results.
  • Tracking my workouts on the provided calendar has made me feel more accountable about making time to get sweaty...I've definitely made it a priority to run or ride each day so that I can check off "transform" (the strength component) and "cardio."
  • The program requires 30 minutes of cardio six days per's easy to exceed that goal each day, as I usually run for 30-45 minutes and typically don't ride for anything less than 90 minutes. Alternatively, if I have to skip the cardio component, I don't beat myself up about it because I know I'll make up for it with the ride time I'll log or go for a longer run another day.  
  • Obviously, the results aren't tangible yet (only two weeks in), but for the first time in a while I feel more motivated and more realistic about reaching my goals... I already feel more confident and better about myself knowing that I am sticking to a routine. 
Workout DVDs.
Yep, I went there.

...and I will race my bike again, I will blog about adventures again...whether it's a 24 hour slog on a ski mountain or 40 brutally fast minutes in the grass/mud alongside yellow caution tape. One way or another, I'll get out there.
Just not quite yet. 

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