Monday, September 23, 2013


First, a clarification (apparently my last post left a few folks confused/concerned):
I am most definitely not a smoker.
NOT NOT NOT a smoker.
The last time I "enjoyed" a cigarette was at a work Christmas party, which had to be two years ago, as I was uninvited to the most recent one due to my "condition" (pregnancy).
Needless to say, that lone smoke was the most exciting and salacious thing about that laaaaaaame party.    

Glad we cleared that up.

Next, here's a little photo journal of my recent week long hospital stay for viral meningitis (not the super scary one, just the semi-scary one...I'm not contagious and my family is thank god thank god thank god unnaffected).
I instagrammed the shit out of this for you:
best selfie ever (bed head/dark circles/sexy gown/pout)

Max smuggled these fave

I should pretty much never take this off

view from the end of my hall

downside: hospital food /upside: breakfast served all day long

inflatable leg massagers hell yes

feeling like a pin cushion
So, there are far worse diagnoses than viral meningitis and I'm thankful to not be laboring through a more serious or life-threatening illness...And five nights in the hospital is nothing compared to what I've seen some of my family members go through and deal with on a daily basis.
But, man.
I've never, and I mean never, felt so lousy.
Thankfully, my parents didn't hesitate to step in and pretty much take over all childcare duties while Bill stayed by my side as much as possible. I'm told the kids were great, but I know even on the best, most seamless days, baby stuff and even third-grade stuff can be challenging...tiring, for sure.
And I don't even have the words to convey how amazing my husband has been. I'm lucky and our kids our lucky to have him.  
Being apart from my baby...was hard. I thought of them constantly. Is school okay? Is she crawling yet? (yes! by the way) What's in his lunch? Any more teeth? Do they miss me?
Still puzzled (and kinda hurt) as to why my brother never even stopped by, but...yeah.

During the admission process the second time (I was discharged after three days, only to land in the ER again following one horrendous night at home), the very kind (and witty) nurse remarked, "Meningitis? Wow, how'd you get that? Do you live in a dorm, honey?"
Do you live in a dorm, honey?
That really happened and I swear it wasn't the dilaudid.

As for the opioids, I'm so ready to be done with this sh*t. The medications are tearing me up and, really, there's nothing "fun" about these hardcore narcotics. From what I'm told, I'll be feeling like hell for quite a while.
I was also told I need to consume more salt, so there's that. (if you know me or have ever eaten a meal in my company, it won't be too hard to find the humor in that)

Thanks for all the well-wishes, support, messages, notes, and words of encouragement...thanks for thinking of me and for checking in. I'm truly grateful for all the kindness bestowed upon me & my family during this otherwise crappy/scary time.
Stay healthy.


Jill said...

Oh my gosh! I am so, so very sorry to hear this. If I lived near you, I would commission my mom to make her amazing chicken vegetable soup (it can be made sans chicken) and bring it to you. Since that is not practical, know I'm sending lots of well-wishes and some Kansas autumn sunshine your way. I hope you continue to recover, and are feeling better soon. Lots and lots of wishes for healing! And I'm so glad for you to have such an awesome family to step in and help and be with you. Hugs!

Kim said...

Aww, thanks, Jill...
I know you'd bring me that amazing soup if you lived nearby, but virtual hugs and well-wishes are the next best thing & much appreciated :)