Sunday, September 15, 2013

this is my distraction

It's 11:27pm and I am in the throes of Maeve's "9 month sleep regression" (huh? there's a name for it now, apparently) 
In short, we're Crying It Out...
It sucks.
It sucks so bad.
Hearing her cry like this is agonizing and I am desperate to go in there and scoop her up.
But, no...
I know where/how that goes.

So, I ramble.
I make a list.
It's late, I'm tired, and I need to resist the urge to go in there (at least for the next seven minutes)...
So, a list instead of a coherent post.   
  • My mom quit smoking 8 days ago. Tonight I brought her a cake with "Yay Mom!!!" scrawled across it in bright orange writing.
  • I used to smoke Marlboro Menthol Lights (ugh...groooooooss) and I quit when I was 24 (?). My dad quit around the same time (he smoked Camels). Once in a great while, I still get the urge for a cigarette and I've acted on that inexplicable urge a few times. 
  • I stopped eating meat and dairy at the beginning of the month...I drastically cut down on sugar and stopped eating bread and pasta (gluten, for that matter). I feel good. I've lost weight.
  • I'll never give up crunchy salt. I have a weird affinity for salt and it has to be chunky/crunchy. I am a little bit embarrassed about my salt collection.
  • Tracy Anderson is still kicking my ass. I can't believe I have stuck with these workout DVDs...I'm not saying I like it, but...I guess I kinda like it. I like the results.
  • I hate group rides, but I rarely turn down an opportunity to join one when invited. Today, I peeled off from a group ride at French Creek thirty minutes in. I crashed going down the Bone Shaker and that was it...I knew I'd be riding all stress-y if I continued with the group, so I bailed and just rode with Bill. We did my favorite old school loop and I didn't even care that my entire right side from shoulder to toe was throbbing. It was a beautiful day and I was riding in the woods with my husband. I was due for a gnarly spill anyway.
  • Although, we are late to the Breaking Bad party, we are in deep and we can't stop...We've binge-watched the first two seasons this past week and it's creeping into my dreams. So messed up, so messed up.
That's it.
She's asleep.
Good night.

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