Thursday, September 5, 2013

thursday house is in such disarray.
Like, every single room needs serious attention.
Last night, I completely blew up the kitchen (in vain, apparently, because dinner was a huge disappointment).
Every time I go out there today, I feel like the mess is just taunting are you going to redeem yourself after that disaster??   

No school today (which, I guess, means screw chores)...yes, school just started two days ago and they are off already.
My dad and I took Max over to Harmony Hill because Max wanted to try mountain biking again.
We parked up top and Max led us down through the red trail.
As expected, he hopped off and hoofed it up the steep little hills (again, we swapped bikes for that), but otherwise handled the trails with enthusiasm.
With a little more confidence, he'll be tearing that place up in no time.
Even if this is just a passing phase, I'm happy to trail behind him any chance we get...
I suck at freestyling Legos or negotiating GI Joe set-ups, but mountain biking?
I got this.

As for the little one...
At last, two lower teeth have poked through and she is steadily trying to crawl.
Not quite there yet, but she will be all about maneuvers any day now.
I can tell she's going to be fast and unstoppable once she gets going... 

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