Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a (happy) list

inspired by one of my favorite blogs, here is a smattering of random things that made me happy the past seven days (and their accompying instagrams)...Thankfully, I'm feeling much better (and happier, too):
candid, unsolicited brother & sister hugs

insanely huge lily pads right now...all that's missing is a giant frog 

trivia with Sara (our team name was totally lewd and innappropriate because we are twelve)

perhaps the last Friday that felt like summer for a while

took Maeve to visit these piglets, just four weeks old (sigh)

Saturday evening picnic at the fountain near the courhouse (takeout tacos from the new place)

lastly, pumpkinbutt...as if this needs any explanation as to why it makes me smile

1 comment:

Flora and Fauna said...

This was so sweet Kim! Thank you so much for joining in! I LOVED this! And those lily pads??? Unreal! Love your sweet babes :). So glad to hear that you're feeling better! xoxo