Thursday, October 17, 2013

stood up (and soup)

A friend was supposed to come over today to help out with Maeve and keep me company (she insisted and I was all too happy to not have to ask).
What happened?
I got stood up. {insert embarrassed/blushing/sad face here}
I'm not incapacitated or bedridden, but I feel unsteady...
I feel like a new mom...home with an infant by myself for the first time (I know how to do this, but I don't want to be alone...that's what this reminds me of).
I feel like I have a foggy hangover, but the party I got blitzed at was weeks ago (and it was a lame party) doesn't make any sense, but that's my best attempt at explaining this.
I'm antsy, yet I just want to get in bed in sleep.
I'm wondering when I can taper off the pain meds, when the headaches can be abated by just Advil and an ice pack...
I'm wondering when I'll feel normal and confident about just going through an ordinary day.

My aunt called last night to ask what kind of soup I like these days...her soup is the best.
Any kind, all of it.
I hung up the phone, nearly in tears, and Max said, "Aunt Linda is, like, the nicest person in our family,"
followed by a long, considerate pause, then, "Besides you and dad and Bill and Grammy and Grampy."
(lest he hurt any of our feelings...but, he's right...she is the nicest) 


Jill said...

Oh, sweet girl. I am so, so sorry you are sick again. Max is right: Aunt Linda is so nice. So very glad she will be bringing you soup. It nourishes heart and health, I firmly believe! It's ok to let others help you out--you do so much for everyone, getting some help sometimes is a-ok. (Even though it's hard and feels suck-y. How's that for eloquence?) You are the opposite of jerk. Sending lots of love and sunshine and virtual soup from Kansas. You are one seriously strong and badass lady and you will absolutely be back to yourself before you know it.

Jill M said...

Awwww! It makes MY day to hear from you, too! Blog Friend Jill is *totally* pulling for you -- during this ordeal and always! The Internet is pretty damn awesome sometimes. :) I maintain if I were anywhere within driving distance, I'd be bringing my mom's soup! :)

The Bikinator said...

I hope you get to the bottom of this and beat it.

Make sure you're getting lots of fruits and veggies so you can load up on antioxidants. Keep your immunity strong!

Kim said...

Ladies, thanks so much...I love reading comments and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave one. xo

Sarah said...

Aw, my kids call their grandparents "Grammy" and "Grampy" as well! I hope you are on the mend.