Saturday, November 9, 2013

go go go go go go go (pause)

As the week screeched/skidded closer to Friday, I felt the need to get out of here, out of this house...I thought I needed an adult beverage, but what I was really craving was the company of good friends (friends who needed to blow off some steam of their own) and adult conversation (even if that means carrying on like loud kids at times).

I've been non-stop.
Filling every spare minute with something.
phone calls/letters/phone calls/errands/phone calls/doctor/letters/letters/emails/letters/doctor/meetings/kid stuff/school stuff/stuff stuff stuff stuff...
Everybody has their stuff, we're all busy...I'm not complaining, I just need to come up for air for a second.

Last night, I came up for air for a second (well, a few hours, lots of laughs and one perfect pint of Young's Double Chocolate stout) and now I'm recharged.
Ready for the next round.


Flora and Fauna said...

Girl I totally know what you mean. Life just never really seems to slow down. Don't you just miss those days of being a stupid teenager and feeling bored?? I can't remember the last time I was bored :( So glad you got to relax a bit! And happy to hear you're feeling better! xo

Kim said...

Thank you!
Yes, boredom...ahhhh, it was forever ago when there was "nothing to do." When my son tells me he's bored, I'm like, "Gaaaaah! LUCKY!"