Friday, November 22, 2013

gym class (the things we do for our little ones...)

I'm home with my baby all day long (although taxing and tiring at times, it truly is a pretty glorious gig).
Although we've settled into our sweet little groove, I've been coming up short on things to do when it's really cold out (and yes, I realize we haven't even hit winter yet).
While we do bundle up and head out for fresh air often, sometimes it's just too bitter to spend much time playing outside.
In an effort to find a change of scenery for Maeve, I signed us up for a trial "baby gym" class.
I mean, gym class in general makes me nervous as it gym class, I have discovered, makes me downright twitchy.
I was cool with the opening free play segment, as I just sort of followed Maeve around as she gleefully explored all the soft, climb-y equipment and tried to poke at the other babies' eyes ("be gentle Maeve, they're not your dolls"...she's got such thing for poking eyes, we're doomed).
When we were summoned cheerfully to the "Big! Red! Circle! Rug!," my stomach sort of lurched...flash back to me tugging awkwardly at my PE uniform as Mr.Walsh took attendance.
So, Maeve and I clambered over to the rug and sheepishly joined the highly enthusiastic warm-up...since I didn't know the words to their special warm-up song, we just clapped along (rather, I clapped along, simultaneously trying to avoid eye contact with the other moms while corralling my very squirmy, crawling child).  
When the singing was over, we galloped around in a circle while hoisting our babies in front of in time to "Pump Up the Jam." Several moms were all, "What a great workout!"
I was all  just trying not to pee while you make me gallop around with this bouncy twenty-five pound weight.
Here's the thing...if Maeve had loved all the singing and clapping and prescribed "activities," (which, didn't even seem entirely age-appropriate), I'd be all about it.
Other than the free play, she was kind of like me; comfortable observing from afar and very much wanting to do her own thing.
(which, I think is what eleven month olds are inclined to do)

At least I/we tried.
"Baby Gym" got us out of the house for a while and and gave Maeve the opportunity to poke/interact with some other babies.
Although the nap that ensued was a good one, I think I'll keep searching for ways to break up the cold winter mornings.
Ways that don't involve Technotronic.

pump up the jam, pump it up 
pump it up
pump it



Beth Anne said...

ha ha ha. that song played in the car last always, i thought of bp. in the basement working out.

Beth Anne said...

also- smith playground.