Monday, November 18, 2013

the right way to do Monday

Whatever this week throws at us, we're cool...we started things off on the right foot and this is how:
  • TOYS! This morning while Maeve napped, I sanitized a bevy of Max's old toys unearthed from a nearly forgotten bin in the attic...while I've gotten better at purging stuff, some things are worth holding onto. Upon waking, Maeve was totally delighted to explore some old school classics.
  • SUNSHINE! Clear, blue skies tempted me to head into town for coffee and a stroll to the park for some action on the swings. Parking was a huge fail (there was none) so I just kept driving until we ended up at Longwood Gardens. Climbing steps is Maeve's latest favorite thing to do and there were plenty to tackle in the gardens. We found a perfect little bench in the sun where we rested our tired legs and watched huge leaves blowing around in the strong breeze.
  • COOKIES! Max requested homemade chocolate chip cookies before he left for school this morning and I was happy to oblige while Maeve took her afternoon nap. I added a heaping tablespoon of Hershey's cocoa to the standard Toll House recipe and...BOOM! Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Max wholeheartedly approves.
Not all of our Mondays are sunshiny-cookies from scratch-play play fact, most Mondays are rife with disorganized, harried mornings, half-assed {baby} naps as we get back into our weekday routine, the last few stale Oreos, and a lazy dinner halfheartedly enjoyed with eyes fighting to stay open.
I'm happy I got it right this time and if the rest of the week doesn't exactly follow suit, at least we have a pile of awesome cookies to help take the edge off.

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