Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was...(not to sound contrite) nice.
Bill finally got to reveal the bike (the bike!!!!!!) to Max, which was really sweet.
It was fun to see both Max and Bill have that moment...giddy, rushing down to the basement for that one last surprise, both of their faces lit great.
one light bike, one happy kid

Maeve, as per the usual, fell right into our little groove on Christmas morning; it didn't take her long to catch on to unwrapping presents and "ohhhhhhh!"-ing with delight.

After Max went to his dad's in the afternoon, I put Maeve down for a nap and Bill and I followed suit.
I promised Bill that Christmas would be relaxing and true to my word, we slept through most of the second half of it.
As Christmas wound down, we got Chinese takeout and sat by the fire at my parent's house.
I made a promise to my husband (and myself) to put the bittersweet aside for the day and to truly revel in the joy of our kids and each other.
I'm a girl of my word...

(yeah, you can see I'm maybe not as conflicted about including my kids here...still not entirely sure how I'll deal with this)

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