Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve (conflicted)

It's Christmas Eve. 
I'm sitting in my car waiting to visit my brother at Chester County Prison.
My daughter is probably waking up from her afternoon nap and my son is either painting his Nutcracker or wrapping presents with Bill.
They'll have homemade pizza for dinner, maybe watch Rudolph again.

I feel guilty for not being there, but Bill assured me that my brother needs me here tonight, more than they need me at home. 
This time next year, my brother could be as far away as Pittsburgh and my daughter will be more in tune to our traditions and the excitement of Christmas Eve.
As for my son, he's well aware of my brother's plight (and has visited him here twice) and gets it as best as a nine year-old can.

I'm becoming sadly familiar and comfortable with this routine.
I am so happy to see my brother tonight.
I don't want to see my brother tonight...(like this).

(my gift to Rob)

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Jill said...

Beautiful tattoo--what a tribute. *hugs* I emailed you at the AOL address under your "More about me" section. Let me know if that's not the right one to use. Thinking of you--and being with your brother tonight--best present for the family, for sure. Hugs to you and one for your brother, too.