Thursday, December 19, 2013

Whoosh (part II)

I just ordered a cake for our daughter's first birthday (in two days)...
I got over wanting to make a tricky layer cake myself upon realizing I've got a full plate these days.
(Plus, there was that abomination of the cake I made for Max a few weeks ago...all three slipping, sliding, cracking layers of Fail)
Tomorrow is my brother's sentencing (I know the judge has every reason to throw the book at him, but I am hoping hoping hoping for leniency; two years instead of two to four years, please).
On blogging:
Even though I have a rather small "audience", I've been questioning lately what is right/what is okay with regards to posting stuff online about my kids; and this doesn't come from a place of paranoia, it's just that they don't really have a say as to what identity they have on the internet already. 
I guess that's a ramble-y way of saying maybe it's irresponsible of me to share as much as I do about my kids. 
I don't know where that leaves me...I don't think I need to shut down the blog, but I think it's worth further reflection on my part.
Here's hoping you are finding ways to enjoy this time of year, I know I am.

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