Sunday, January 26, 2014

catching up (in lazy bullets)

  • rode somewhere new...remembered just how much fun it is to discover new trails 
  • reacquainted myself with running on pavement (not as much fun as trails, duh) 
  • took my nephew sledding for his first time (!) was kind of a fail and it may have ended in tears, but I'm not giving up
  • shoveled my driveway again and again and again...and one more time because it just keeps on snowing (it sounds crazy, but I love to shovel the snow...I'm a firm believer in "getting a head start" and shoveling in the midst of a snowstorm only to wake up the next morning and shovel some more)
  • missed a visit with my brother due to a snowstorm (visits were cancelled due to the weather), but he wrote me a letter with a really cool drawing of a cartoon-y owl
  • played and lost trivia with my cousins
  • joined some teammates/friends for a little nighttime snowshoe hike...most fun I've had on a Wednesday night in a long time
  • started watching the Princess Bride because my son found it in our drawer of DVDs and we've never seen it (only made it twenty minutes because there was a loud thud in the basement followed by a scary electrical smell; see next bullet)
  • camped out in our daughter's room the other night when our heat completely died (when it was only eleven balmy degrees outside); we made do with some space heaters and a bevy of blankets, but man, that was a quick lesson in being thankful for the things we take for granted (a warm home/shelter)
  • baked cookies, drank beer, slept terribly, nursed a cold, bought some new towels because ours are all crunchy and old, counted the days til daylight savings (turns out too many to count)
  • neglected my blog

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Jill said...

Think of the bullets not as lazy but highly organized. :) I hope the heat gets fixed/got fixed! Stay warm! (41 days. Just over a month. We've GOT this!)