Friday, January 31, 2014

peace out, kind of sucked

Happy to see this month end.
I've noticed the sunlight (daylight, actually...gray light, lately) is hanging on a little longer.
What. the. FUCK. January?
My nine year-old hates me and hates school all of a sudden (slight exaggeration and yes, I am complaining). 
My baby (toddler? she's...toddling) is sleeping like a newborn again.
Up and crying every hour from midnight on.
Not hungry, not sick, not teething (I even took her to the doc to rule out an ear must be, nothing).
Just crying and pointing at the door, like pick me up and take me out of here...
I think I'm supposed to let her cry it out, but I suck at that and in the moment, I'll do anything to calm her and help us both get a little more sleep/peace.    
Before I ruled out erupting molars, I even ordered a Baltic amber teething necklace OVERNIGHT from Amazon.
(it's a magical $20 homeopathic teething remedy...the baby wears this necklace made of individually knotted amber beads; the warmth of baby's skin releases succinic acid, which has healing properties and...WAIT, what???!!! I know. Excitedly/frantically, I put the necklace on Maeve and promptly removed it upon her first of many wake-ups last night...I'm like, "Huh?! Did I actually put a NECKLACE on my baby that she's supposed to wear 24/7 because it's going to help her feel more comfortable while teething??!!!" I'm telling you...desperate means for desperate measures, but a magic necklace?! Um, I don't care if it's designed to break if she gets stuck or caught on something...babies probably shouldn't wear necklaces and there is zero scientific evidence supporting these healing
See, I'm losing it.

So, I've decided I need a night out with my man, a stiff drink or two, maybe a Valium, a bike ride, and probably a haircut again.
Checking off the first two items tonight, god help me...
It will be February when I wake up (from not sleeping) and we will be that much closer to spring.

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