Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Guess what? It snowed again last night...
Let's just {emphatically} say I don't love shoveling anymore.
While I haven't been riding my bike at all, I have found some new coping strategies and this winter can, quite frankly, eat a dick.
Riding has been replaced with:
  • karaoke with strangers (I mean, we're friends on Facebook and I was in Brownies with one of the girls, like, thirty-two years ago...) 
  • riding the R5 for a "fun" change of scenery and excellent people-watching (three weekends in a row)...oh, I get off the train in the city, don't worry (too much)
  • eating (brownies, cookies, too much homemade fried rice, tacos, guac, brownies, goldfish...anything in sight all. day. long)
  • cutting my hair impulsively 
  • rollerskating (is there any need to elaborate on this one? I think not...)
  • snowshoeing (we'll be doing this til March, right?)
  • mortifying/entertaining my kids with impromptu dance-offs  
  • taking inventory of all the unsightly/broken/old things in our home that need some help and/or replacing (our bed, the carpets, the struggling HVAC system, various kitchen appliances of varying importance, the paint, our living room furniture...)
  • eating (oh, I said that one already)
One month til Spring.
Let's go, let's go, let's go...

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Jill said...

Spring! Soon! I got out for a quick 2 mile walk today, and all I could think about was wanting to run.It's riiiiight around the corner. Your coping mechanisms, though, sound fun. Karaoke and rolling skating are AWESOME. And the change in hair and consumption of guac, always good. :) March 1 a week from today! We've got this! In Winter is Bleeeeeeaaagh Solidarity,
Jill xoxo