Friday, February 7, 2014

If we're being honest...

I'm losing my shit.
We've been iced in, quite literally...
Max is starting to look like Danny from the Shining.
This week has brought us a snow storm and the Icepocolypse.
We were fortunate to have our power restored pretty quickly, so I'm not bitching about Old Man Winter or PECO or anything like that...
I'm bitching about my severely lacking parenting skillz...I just got worse and worse with each passing day (snow days compounded by cabin fever and a sick all added up to a near-meltdown on my part in a hurry).
I used to be so patient. 
It's Friday night, finally the end of this horrendous week and I'm just too fried to make a decision or think straight.
The baby's crying, still getting over bronchitis, and I'm looking at Bill like what do I do??
I can't even troubleshoot my own kid (and, jeez, it's my second time around).

We have electricity, a warm home, food that hasn't spoiled, hot showers...
It's been a rough week for many; by comparison, I really shouldn't gripe.
About anything.
I think I just need to get out of the house.

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Kathleen said...

If we're being honest, I'm losing mine, too!