Thursday, February 13, 2014

like, seriously snowed in...

Needless to say, school was closed yet again today (we've used up all our snow days, spring break is down to one day maybe...oh, and the kids will be in school til August at this rate).
Today was bad.
Our heat is limping along, barely circulating air, most of which is cold.
We're making do with a few space heaters and warm clothes...I mean, we have power and for that, I'm grateful.
Anyway, was bad.
All four of us experienced various meltdowns and at one point Max and Maeve were wailing simultaneously...something about a Lego tower and cookies and Armageddon.
Tonight, when the phone rang around 8pm, Max called from his room, "Is it school? Are we off?"
I recognized the number as the school district's automated message service, but I picked up the phone and started talking to "my mom."
Yes, school is cancelled tomorrow, too.
"Who was it, mom?" he asked.
"Oh, just grammy...get some sleep, you might have school tomorrow, no word yet...sorry."

Is that bad?
I'm a horrible person.
Happy almost Valentine's Day.

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