Tuesday, February 25, 2014

what the F*CK Juan Pablo?!

I can't believe Renee got sent home.
Why make her go all the way back to Miami for the stupid rose ceremony?
He said he wouldn't do that to her, that he wouldn't take time away from her son if he knew she wasn't the one.
I don't even care who he ends up with, but that was such a douche-y move.

Yes, I watch/am obsessed with the Bachelor (the show, not the bachelor himself...ewww to both, but super-ewww to JP).
This drivel had me stress-eating ice cream last night.
You are better off, Renee... 

I only have a few guilty pleasures...this is probably the guiltiest of them all.
I mean, I stopped wearing orange Crocs a long time ago...


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