Tuesday, March 18, 2014

hey, what's up?

What's up? Not much in the blogging department, that's for sure.
I've sat down to write so many times and freeze up, so I close the window and walk away.
If you've stuck around or have checked in despite the fact that this space hasn't grown or evolved in a long time, I thank you.
Time is moving too fast lately.
Our daughter turns fifteen months this week and our son is nearly as tall as me.
My brother has served almost six months of his sentence (a sentence which was reduced by eighteen months last week)...I have a lot on mind, a lot to say about that and I don't have the energy to delve into that right now.
What else?
I got a job.
A small gig that earns little more than what amounts to pocket money, but I'm getting paid to motivate a room full of people on stationary Spinning bikes. I did this a long time ago and really enjoyed the challenge and the interaction, so it's kind of exciting to me. And, free gym membership...HOLLA.
I'm tired.
I think about my brother and his situation all the time.
My son is having some struggles at school and I'm having a hard time navigating that process (another post for another day, but long story short, it involves forms and data and vague references to ADD and...yeah).
It's been a brutal winter and I just need it to be over.
A long day of warmth and sunshine is all I want. 

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