Monday, March 3, 2014

Remember riding outside?

Everybody's in the same miserable boat (well, most of us here in my general neck of the literal woods are)...
In the thick of this unrelenting, brutally brutal winter.
One nasty hit after another.
Then another.
I just can't get with my trainer...I've put in a negligible amount of time on that soul-sucking road to nowhere and I doubt those half-assed workouts are going to serve me very well when I'm on actual trails or pavement.
It's okay.
Soon (I mean, winter will end...the snow will melt, the trails will get dry), I'll be on a bike that's not fixed to a trainer or planted in the middle of an indoor cycling "studio."
I'll be on my bike (yay) and it will be so. much. fun.
Probably more fun than I can handle.
You guys, it's going to be crazy and fucking glorious when we get those first few dry, warm, sunny days on hardpack dirt. 
Remember riding outside like that?
It's going to be awesome and it's going to be awesome {kind of} soon...
Hang in there.

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