Saturday, April 26, 2014

I know I've said this all before...

I'm still afraid to go downhill fast.

(admitting the problem is the first step, right?)

The thing is, I think I am finally okay with that...
I don't think I will ever be comfortable pushing myself much further in that realm.
As I chugged along at the back of the group today at French Creek, I wasn't thinking much; I was swatting away an occasional mosquito, marvelling at the perfect perfect weather and doing other non-thinking things on my bike like pedaling, keeping my head up, and picking lines...
In other words, just doing my thing.
I'm pretty grateful to be healthy now and out doing my thing.
Sometimes that means back of the pack (not always, for sure, but for's fiiiiiiine).

That's all.
Wait, that's not all.
Completely unrelated.
I want to chop my hair off again, like super-short.

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