Wednesday, April 16, 2014

singlespeedapalooza: a race report (of sorts)

We signed up for this race on a whim, in the thick of Polar Vortex number three (I don't know, I lost count).
Never mind that we spent little to no time on our bikes all. winter. long.
Every now and then, Max would remind us, "You guys aren't practicing for that race you signed up for," or, "Shouldn't you guys be practicing a lot more for that race coming up soon?"
Or if Singlespeedapalooza came up in casual conversation, Max would chime in, "Oh, you mean that race that neither of you are practicing for?"
Thanks, Max.
*also, I like how he's replaced "training" with "practicing"...
Conversations about Singlespeedapalooza covered all the important pre-race minutiae; what snacks are we packing for the road? What are we making for dinner the night before? Where can we score some really good chocolate covered almonds? Should I pack flip-flops and shorts for post-race hangout? 
Never mind what gear are you running? Is my bike in decent shape? I wonder what conditions are like...
As we packed and organized our supplies (most notably, those very important road trip snacks), Bill had the best idea I've heard in perhaps forever (only slight exaggeration).
"Let's just ride it together."

Ultimately, that's exactly what we did...
Somewhere around the three mile mark, I found my man waiting patiently and from there, we took turns leading each other through the twisty, rolling trails of Stewart State Forest.
It's a rare treat to ride together at all these days, let alone on unfamiliar trails far from home for hours at a time.
It was too perfect an opportunity to pass up.
And it really was a perfect day on the bike in the woods with my husband.

Now we can think about getting in shape for some racing...
The days are longer, I am finally off all the meds (all. the. meds), and we are both itching to get back into it.

(calm down; Bill didn't "pace me" or interfere with the women's race; by the time I "caught" him, I was already in the back of the pack and held that same position til the end, not advancing past any women. We didn't race; we rode...and the results clearly reflect that. ) 


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Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

good on you guys.
years ago when Monk and I were both in sport, I kinda blew up after starting too hard (shocker I know) and sat up and waited for Diane. I rode out her race with her. It was one of my favorite races. After the race one of the local pro (Phil Riggio) came up to me and said he saw us riding together, and regardless of results we had already won. Reading your blog reminded me of that day... Great stuff...