Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Iron Hill mountain bike race 2014

awkwardly (yet, giddily) navigating the gully by Kita Roberts
photo credit Bill White

photo credit Bill Showers
The top photo says it all and certainly better than I can convey with words.
All smiles. All mud.
While I realize and accept that I'm not the fastest right now, I am excited to be learning and picking up subtle nuances about handling my bike and the trails every time I race.
Season after season (and sometimes skipping a season here or there).
Even now, eleven (?) years since my first race, there are still plenty of skills to sharpen and plenty of room for improvement.
I love mountain biking and I still love mountain bike racing.
Although I wasn't in contention by any stretch of the imagination, I turned it up as best I could toward the end of the second lap, giving everything I had, in order to make it to the kid's race in time to see my son take off.
"Just have fun and don't be a jerk if you pass somebody," were the only words of wisdom I could summon as I caught him at the line.
Later that evening, a friend reminded me that's pretty solid advice for just about anything in life.


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