Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On the Rocks at French Creek 2014 presented by TBR (Cat 2 Women U40)

French Creek is undoubtedly my favorite place to ride and probably the closest thing I'd consider to be my  "home course."
While last year, my goal was to merely "have fun and finish in one piece," this year, I wanted a top ten result and to simply try/ride harder. 
{goal realized, by the way}
Although the park took quite a beating during a pretty serious storm the week leading up to the race, our team pulled together in true TBR fashion to put on a stellar event last Saturday.
Ron managed to mindfully string together a very challenging, yet flow-y loop which included a paved stretch and some gravel sections without compromising the vibe that makes French Creek French Creek (rocks, tricky descents, rocks, hard climbs, rocks, rocks, and...rocks).
{well done, Ron Harding, well done...}
Two laps of said course left me feeling exactly how I want to feel after a mountain bike race; physically depleted, yet completely stoked about the experience.

Shortly after I wrapped up my race, I stood by anxiously as Bill found his way to the start for his first race this year (first race in quite some time).
Sometimes, my nerves are even stronger watching him on the line and this race was no exception.
{side note: I was surprisingly relatively calm as I staged at Iron Hill and French Creek...maybe it's from years of racing the MASS, maybe it's because I know where I fall within these ranks right now, thus alleviating a lot of that pressure...maybe I'm more confident as rider...maybe I'm just getting older/wiser and finally realize those nerves are just a huge, huge waste of energy?}
After watching Bill take off (confidently...aaaaaaand fast), I had to head home to relieve our babysitter.
Not surprisingly, Bill ended up 11th in Open Pro and I was so happy that he had a great race and respectable result (hey, I know Bill...I know what matters to him and what he expects of himself out there).  
So, yeah...
On the Rocks 2014 made for a pretty good day for both Showers.
And a very good day for Trestle Bridge Racing. 

Special thanks to Kathleen Harding, Todd Strauss, and Hannah Johnston for being at the helm of our race and organizing a great event.

Also, thanks to the Rob Perna band (minus Rob Perna because he's...in jail) for keeping the woods extra funky with live music.



Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

as always a great read.

Kim said...

Why, thank you for saying so, FM!