Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bad Blogger

I'm just...busy.
(I mean, who's not??)
A few things (maybe I'll expound on them at a later date, but probably not):
I was starting to worry about Maeve not talking (because Max was speaking full sentences at 14 months and had a vast vocabulary at Maeve's age and OBVIOUSLY we should all compare our children developmentally to their siblings, right? Ugh, Kim, you went to school for this shit...really)
Well, I'm not so worried anymore because she sure likes to say "No" about six dozen times every hour (except it sounds more like "Ny-oh ny-oh."
She also says "cheese", "daddy" (for her daddy and no offense to Bill, just about every other object and person right now), "hi" (a very emphatic "HA!" accompanied by an enthusiastic wave) and "dinosaur" (doh-doh-DUH).
So, we are communicating with a handful of actual words now and it's adorable and exciting and I'm like, "dinosaur?! really??"

What else?
It's June, so the countdown is on for summer vacation and I can't wait for third grade to be over. It hasn't been the greatest for so many reasons; let's just put it to rest already. Jeez.

What else?
We finally watched "Her" last night. 
I love Spike Jonze and I loved this creepy/eerie/relevant/funny/timely movie.

That's all I got.

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