Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hi, Mom...

Last night, hanging out around a big fire in our backyard with my dad and some of my very best friends, we heard an odd noise coming from behind us...
"Chair squeaking?"
"Nahhh, I think it's coming from those trees."
They went over to investigate, as the sound became more persistent, a bit more audible.
I heard my friend say, "it's a screech owl, look up there."
Well, I'll be damned.
And as I made my way over, still hearing that funny little screech, I could see it clearly on the limb, even in the dark night sky.
As we gathered under the tree, the owl gently & swiftly swooped to another branch as if to say, "yep, I am an owl, look at me, I'm here..."
Nobody had to say it, because they all know me & we all thought the same thing , we all got it, in that moment.

I watched and waited and then not a minute later, the owl took flight again and made it's way across the sky.

In all my years here, all the nights spent hanging out in the back yard, listening and watching for critters, all the fires we've had, I've never heard or seen anything quite like that. Not a tiny little owl, not so close to us and certainly not so insistent...come see  what I am...

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of owls, the most beautiful and badass birds of prey. 

If that's not a sign right there, I don't know what is...


Carol Gardner said...

It's mom telling you it's ok

Carol Gardner said...

It's your mom saying it's ok