Monday, June 30, 2014

How we do...

In a cruel twist of fate, it sounds like my brother will not be able to attend our mom's funeral this Thursday.
For reasons I can't even begin to comprehend, let alone hash out here, he's stuck.
We were doing okay, moving forward, taking care of everything, taking care of each other; this, though, is just beyond soul crushing.
My dad and I had to unplug for a bit late this afternoon in light of this turn of events, so we got on our bikes and made our way over to the trails.
We talked and rode and sweated it out...

I just keep thinking, I don't have these grandiose words of wisdom that my mom ever shared with me, but she taught me everything I need to know by example.
How to be a mom.
And a wife.
And a friend. 
And a daughter.
And a sister...
She lived it so beautifully and selflessly, through and through. 
I'm just so thankful that there are no lingering questions, no regrets.
What we had was just easy.

I know she'd want us to get out there and just hammer away on our bikes in the woods together.

So we did.

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Anonymous said...

been thinking about you all weekend. The love you have for your family, your closeness, is beautiful. It has always been very clear to me that each of them are your best friends. I'm so sorry for your profound loss and that your brother can't be with you. Know that your family (though you are the only one I've met) have inspired me to love better. Hugs to all of you.