Friday, July 4, 2014

Already one week

This time last week, I was holding my mom's hand as the morphine drip started.
How has it been a week already?
We laid her to rest yesterday, following the most beautiful celebration of her life and our life with her.
I woke up this morning and felt sad...maybe the saddest I have felt all week.
I grabbed my running shoes and made my way over to Downingtown's Good Neighbor Day with Bill & Maeve.
My mom was a runner for a long time when I was a kid.
Not a "runner" like me, she was legit.
I've never ran more than 5 miles, but I knew I could finish the 10k today, tired legs and all.
It felt good to sweat it all out and move.
For the last mile, I just imagined myself breathing in all her youthful energy. 
(which obviously made me burst into tears not a minute after crossing the finish line...I'm sure anyone around me was thinking, "wow, that's a lot of emotion for a 10k").

Oh, mom, I hope I gave you a good laugh today.

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Jill said...

I am so, so proud of you. It would be so easy to curl up and hide and you got out, got out of your (I daresay) comfort zone and ran a 10k. You are strong, you are so, so strong. Sweating it out is indeed the most incredible therapy. That you did it via running, via your Mom's sport -- I can't begin to imagine the emotion that swelled.

I suspect you are a LOT more legit than you think. :) You are, after all, your mother's daughter.

Sending you so much love and Kansas sunshine and everysingleounce of positive energy I have to you.

PS: Being emotional at a 10k is completely normal. Don't worry. xxoo