Thursday, September 17, 2015

In Summerrrrrrrrrr (a ramble-y recap to make me smile)

This is what we did:
Threw rocks/waded/swam/goofed around in the Brandywine.
Visited the zoo with Lindsay & her little girl (Maeve's bestie)...I must note; the weather was supreme, there was zero traffic on 76, and the animals were playful.
Visited the zoo with our awesome cousins (and Joe was kind enough to help out with a little wish fulfillment in the name of copiloting a Swan boat with Max).
Visited the tiny Brandywine Zoo with Shannon & our boys. We ate popcorn, marveled at the giant Flemish bunny, and decided red pandas belong with us.
Spent a week in OCNJ with Cary & BP (lots of board walk action/donut eating/crabby fry craving/Johnson's popcorn indulging/painting/wine drinking/playing in tide pools/relaxing/tag teaming with our kids); let it be known that Maeve loved sharing a room with her brother and it was pretty damn brilliant of me to pack brand new surprise Frozen sheets to help ease her worries about sleeping in a big bed.
What else?
Lots of running. With and without kids, with and without my favorite running buddy, on trails, on the road; I completed a trail racing series comprised of 10ks and one grueling 15k to cap it off. I fared better than expected and fell even more in love with trail running.
Took the kids to see Inside Out. I hate going to the movies, but this was great. We all sat still. I didn't fall asleep. I may have shed a happy tear.
What else?
We had a scavenger hunt at Harmony Hill, a party for the neighborhood kids, a lot of kick ball shenanigans in our cul de sac.
We had fires out back with favorite friends on several occasions.
We saw fireworks.
We rode many merry-go-rounds.
Enjoyed a few dates with my man.
Enjoyed a few rides with my man (too few, as I love riding in the woods with him).
Visited my brother and saw Coal Township without its usual shroud of rain or fog.
Heard/saw several great bands live (Glass Animals, Stevie Wonder FREE in the city, I forget who else but I'll remember after I push "publish").
Attended a fun party at B-Fed's and marveled at his awesome little spot in the woods.
Showed/sold my work at my first legit little art show in downtown West Chester.
Ate a Pistachio gelato waffle cone for dinner by myself. Shamelessly.
Devoured a $12 Nutella sundae at Gemelli.
Celebrated a bestie's birthday at the cutest cupcake shop around (Dia Doce) with all our kids...the lattes were on POINT.
Celebrated a dear friend's birthday at a gem of a sushi joint in Kennett (lily) with lots of Prosecco & a table full of lovely people (mostly coworkers).
Enjoyed drinks out with my favorite cousin (Blueberry mojitos at SoLo).
Drew and painted alllllllll kinds of fun stuff.
Played in the belly of the woods at ChesLen Preserve where they've set up a natural playground of sorts.
Explored the fairy garden at Winterthur with Cary, BP, and the kids.
Took my kids on an impromptu overnight adventure in OCNJ; just the three of us (janky motel, excellent Mexican food, boardwalk fun, more merry go rounds, beach time, and breakfast at the airport diner).
Watched Frozen, Babe, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua more times than is healthy I'm sure.
Made amazing fish tacos.
Discovered how cool our little local airport & its' restaurant is...big hit with the kids.
Discovered Maeve is NOT a fan of Hibachi & is probably (mentally) scarred for life.
Visited Grammy's spot often and foraged for wild raspberries at the cemetery.
Went to Zazen for a pedicure (a Mother's Day gift from Max) where I was served a generous pour of white wine.
Hosted a sleepover or two with my nephew.
Watched movies and ate popcorn in a giant tent/fort at our friends house on what was supposed to be a rainy day (but wasn't, but who cares...)
What else?
Got dressed up and sat next to Bill at the bar at Teca for dinner & Saison DuPonts.
Lunched with out-of-town Sara and admired her cute belly (baby Louisa is coming sooooon)!
Took the kids via R5 to Penn's Landing for the Tall Ships festival (just me & my kids); we ate free Kozy Shack Pudding, got treats at Shane Confectionary, Max & Maeve had their faces fun.
Hosted an impromptu s'mores night and stayed up finishing a bottle of wine way past anyone's bed time on a Sunday night...and the boys (the kid boys, not the men boys) may have ended up jumping into the neighbor's hot tub.
Learned a glorious new loop at Stroud's.
Tried out an interesting new brewery in Kennett with work friends & pretty much gave up on trivia.
Gave my son a lot more freedom to explore and venture out with his buddies.
Filled the baby pool many afternoons and got into all kinds of silly water play (do you know what water beads are? They are cheap, hopefully nontoxic, and an amazing little sensory activity that toddlers LOVE).
Ate lots of pineapple & coconut (spent too much money at Whole Foods on my lunch break).
Scored two pairs of Olukai flip flops that should last me many summers to come.
Treated Maeve to smoothie/fountain dates.
Spent lazy days inside building forts, having indoor picnics, dumping out every bin of toys, watching Dora or Teen Titans , listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, making cookie bars or fruity pebble treats.
Made friends with the goats at Highland Orchards.
Made the swings at Ship Road park a regular stop after Target & drive-thru Starbucks (boom boom boom...done, perfect morning).
Got back into therapy (yays).
Learned a few nuances on my bike while testing out skills on familiar trails.
Practiced yoga almost daily (sometimes a few asanas, sometimes a whole series, sometimes just a little stretching and breathing).
Received a new pair of running shoes from my coach/husband.
Signed up for a half marathon.
Ate almost an entire butter cake (a surprise from Jackie, waiting for me after a long day of visiting Rob).
Road tripped to Coal Township with Beth to see my brother.
We saw baby piglets and beautiful horses on a picturesque morning at Springton Manor Farm. 
Took advantage of some free art classes for little kids at the Exton Studio of CCAA.
Began many Friday mornings with Wawa coffee for me & donuts for the kids.
There's more, I'm sure...

Guess what I didn't do?!
My one true goal & I failed.
Master the damn slack line.

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