Friday, November 13, 2015


Run a half-marathon...yes.
I really don't have the words to describe the experience eloquently.
I mean, it was a 13 (point one) mile run.
Me, my sneaks, a carefully crafted play list, and swarms of runners. Like more runners than I've ever seen in one place.
The first few miles were positively gleeful...whooooo hooooo I'm doin this I'm crushin it woot woot look at me go...
Looping around city hall, I was seriously beaming.
I don't typically beam.
By the time I hit Boat House Row, I started faking it a little...this IS awesome. I AM smiling. My Legs ARE comfortable.
Passing the ten mile mark, I began to feel the mental strain a little (ten miles had been my longest run up til the half marathon, and only once several weeks prior).
I wondered if Bill was at the finish line (or near it) and started to pick up my pace ever. so. slightly.
The garmin tells the tale; while I surely had some sloooooow miles, I never walked and never felt any pain or brutal exhaustion.
I took it mile by mile and smiled when I needed to push myself a little.
I channeled all my mentors, my friends, my parents, my brother, my husband...
10 seconds...just ten seconds, give it your all...(which would give way to ten more and ten more after that, and so on)...
when I crossed the finish line (uphill finish, not a fan after running thirteen miles), I funneled through the chute with the hoards of runners.
A little beleaguered, a little dumbfounded, a little dazed, a little (naturally) high.
Finally, I spotted my husband and everything else kinda froze & blurred around him.
I found my way into his arms and fell in love with him like a million times more as he hugged me tight (shut up, this is the mushy part...I am terribly romantic).
Honestly, the run/race was pretty great...but, that moment made the whole experience complete. Finding Bill amid all the chaos, feeling kinda shattered, was it.
I wasn't expecting to feel that way, but there it was.

Will I do another half again?
Is it going to be my thing?
Do I want to try a marathon?
Not really. No.
What about riding?
It will always be there. Not planning on parting with any of my bikes.

I can do that.
Now I know.


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

best blog post I've read in a while.
Awesomely climatic and romantic.

congrats on a great run, and adventure.


Kim said...

Thank you, sir! Obviously count yourself among the aforementioned friends/mentors :)