Thursday, December 10, 2015

How it goes

Yay! (Loading bike into car)
Wait. Did it rain last night?
Yay! Yay! Yay! (Pulling into parking lot, unloading bike)
This weather is crazy! Jacket? No jacket? Jacket.
Wrong gloves. Overkill.
No gloves? No, wear them.
(Pedaling towards the woods excitedly)
Hmmmm. Kinda muddy, bummer.
I'll stay away from the lowers sections.
(Auto pilot commences. Immediately descend toward aforementioned lower section)
Reaaaaaaaaally muddy. I'm an asshole.
Slovenly sloth. That's what I feel like.
Fucking slow ass sloth.
Wait. I'm in the WOODS on my BIKE and this is FUN!
It's not fun.
I'm an asshole.
Quick, get to the paved path, asshole.
(Hits pavement, reluctantly...spots another asshole in periphery riding on wet, muddy trail. Wearing headphones. Not earbuds. Headphones. And no helmet. Triple asshole)
Decide: climb up road (the long way) back to car or take most direct route through woods?
It'll be drier as I climb out.
It is drier.
I'm still slow and suffering. It has only been thirty five minutes.
Oh, look, a cardinal!
No bunnies.
No (visible) hunters!
Call it? It's been 37 minutes.
I am overheating.
Why is the parking lot empty?
Do I have coffee money?
How come running fitness doesn't parlay into riding fitness?
This sucks.
I'm not having fun.
I want coffee.
And a hot shower.
I want my legs back.

And there you have it...first ride back in a while.
I found out the hard way that running on pavement often is pretty abusive on my body.
I need to mix it up & focus on strength training/core work blah blah blah.
I need to be patient.
Two half-marathons just a few weeks apart probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

That's all I got.
(For today)

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