Sunday, January 3, 2016

And a happy new year...

Spent New Years Eve in Ocean City (on the short list of my happy places) with my dad, his gal, my family, and my bestie & her crew. 
We ate delicious food, listened (and of course danced) to good tunes, played Heads Up, drank Prosecco (cut mine with pomegranate juice, so as to increase my odds of making it to midnight), laughed, dodged wily toddlers, and basically made merry. 
As midnight struck, we popped a bottle of bubbly, kissed our respective beloveds, toasted to 2016, and wished BP a happy birthday.
At 12:01, Lindsay & I gleefully (drunkenly?) headed out for our first run of 2016. We dashed to the beach, paused for a shot of Cuervo, caught the last few fireworks, then hustled back to the house.
Upon thawing out, we all sang happy birthday to my dad & proceeded to demolish the delicious spice cake.
It was a lovely, low key evening (maybe we broke up a few toddler brawls, but that's nothing...the girls were content to jump on the bed and the boys commiserated about whatever preteen boys with endless common threads commiserate about).
I made it.
2016, let's be healthy first & foremost, okay? Health begets happiness, so let's strive for that.
2016, let's preserve some of our amazing memories. How about we take lots of pictures & print them out?
2016, let's get creative & make art. Let's hustle and sell some art.
2016, let's get our shit together. How about we replace that janky window that is about to fall out of the house? How about we try even harder not to live hand to mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck? Nobody needs that stress.
2016, let's keep running running running, but let's get on the bike, too. Even better, how about riding together?? (Me & my love)
2016, let's be great parents. Potty training sucks. Giving up the binky sucks. Nagging about homework & hygiene sucks. How about we try something else because the current situation is wearing us down (kids included)?
2016, let's chill the fuck out. How about we enjoy our blessings instead of counting them? You never know what tomorrow brings, let alone a whole year, so let's take it day by day. Okay?
Happy Happy Happy New Year! xo

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