More about Me and Hardtales

What's with the title of this blog? I don't get it.
I used to narrate my rides and races in my head until I had a place to sort it out...
those rides and races occurred primarily on my hardtail 26" wheeled mountain bike.
Since starting this blog, I've added bigger wheels and more bikes to the arsenal, but firmly remain hardtail for life.
Thus, "Hardtales."

Those "tales" quickly evolved into stories and narratives about all the other little corners of my life...brutally honest (and sometimes cringe-worthy) accounts of a crumbling marriage (and ensuing divorce), single mom-hood, my very spirited son, falling in love with a lanky guy on a rigid singlespeed (and getting hitched on the trails where we rode bikes on our first date), and having a baby girl when I was oh-so-sure I was one-and-done.

I am an expert at having awesome ideas and doing nothing to make them materialize...
I like to write.
Welcome to my blog.

If you wish to contact me, please do so via email or leave a comment.

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